NicPack - Nicotine Pack

The NicPack comes in 180mg and 360mg.  This is tailored to be mixed with zero nicotine e-Juice, to get the desired nicotine level in your e-liquid.
NicPack - Concentrated Nicotine Additive
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NicPack - Concentrated Nicotine Additive

NicPack is a concentrated nicotine additive made with freebase nicotine. It is meant to be used by adding the pillow pack to a bottle of e-juice to...

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NicPack - Concentrated Nicotine Additive

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90MG LNICPACK001090 67 Please login
180MG LNICPACK001180 185 Please login
360MG LNICPACK001360 138 Please login
600MG LNICPACK001600 Out of Stock Please login
300MG LNICPACK001300 Out of Stock Please login
2ML SKU Stock Price MSRP Qty
180MG LNICPACK002180 87 Please login
360MG LNICPACK002360 1 Please login


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