SiMPLE Sticks Disposable

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Banana On Ice HAPOLLODIS-BO-BOC Out of Stock Please login
Cool Strawberry HAPOLLODIS-BO-SIC 4 Please login
Lemon Slush HAPOLLODIS-BO-LSL 5 Please login
Lychee Freeze HAPOLLODIS-BO-LIC 4 Please login
Mango Freeze HAPOLLODIS-BO-MFR 4 Please login
Melon Freeze HAPOLLODIS-BO-MFE 1 Please login
Orange Drank HAPOLLODIS-BO-ODR 3 Please login
Peach Chill HAPOLLODIS-BO-PCH 1 Please login


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Enjoy a 5% Salt Nicotine in this SiMPLE Disposable device that comes to you in a variation of eight flavors.  The flavors are Banana Ice, Cool Strawberry, Lemon Slush, Lychee Freeze, Mango Freeze, Melon Freeze, Orange Drank, and Peach Chill.
Simple Disposable Beverage Fruit Menthol Salt Nicotine Closed System Disposable

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